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Compelling stories based on your data or work

You turned your data into an awesome analysis and report or publication.
Now what?

It’s no longer good enough to let your awesome work sit on a shelf for only other researchers to understand. Work with MMC to get your results out there. We help you translate your evidence back into the narratives that motivated your work in the first place. Reach different audiences to inform, inspire and empower….and, ok, influence.

Creative Dissemination.

Podcasts. Blogs. Videos. Television. Newsletters. Strategy. And, more.


You have some great stories to complement your technical reports and presentations. Or, you need to keep hundreds of stakeholders updated.

Now what?

Your stakeholders, clients, funders and the general public want more than text-filled newsletters, emails or blogs. Take your communications up a notch. We help you choose the best creative tools for you to really reach large audiences, especially through mass media. And, we can produce it for you.

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Compelling Storytelling.

Production. Connections. Community Engagement.


You have a great fiction or non-fiction story with a public health or health services angle, or you are developing a show, documentary, film or online series. From a communications perspective, there is no “Now what?.” Still, we can be a great resource for you, too.

+ ORIGINAL CONTENT. Podcasts. Blogs. Films. Events. And, more.

Public Health (+) Podcast Roll Call

TAKES: One of the disadvantages of the current podcast universe is that there is no one place to go online to find all of them. And, if you want to learn about (or be entertained by) something specific…forget about it. Sometimes a general browser search is not...

Let’s Jump on the Podcast Bandwagon!

TOOL: If you listen to public radio or follow news-related programs or talk shows on television, you probably have heard of podcasts. Even well-established entertainment shows (The Dan Patrick Show, The Dr. Drew Show and This American Life),  blogs (Hollywood Life...

Introducing “Tips, Tools & Takes”

This summer, I had the honor of hosting a session at AcademyHealth’s 2015 Annual Research Meeting in Minneapolis, MN. The title of the session was “Research Narratives 3.0: Tips, Tools and Takes from Masters of Storytelling.” My guests were Tony...

Bipolar Disorder Gets Even More Popular Treatment

Between Empire and Infinitely Polar Bear, bipolar disorder seems to be having a moment in popular culture right now…which is awesome! As a graduate student in the early 1990s, I was taught about stigma associated with mental health issues. Hopefully, people with...

EIC’s Focus on Health and Wellness (and Care?)

The Entertainment Industries Council (EIC) initiatives were Encore!s before Encore! were Encores! Founded in 1983, EIC’s mission is to: [Encourage] the entertainment industry to more effectively address and accurately depict major health and social issues....

FEMA’s Rapid Response to “House of Cards”

I enjoy watching the Netflix original show House of Cards! I studied politics and health policy because I want to have a role in improving the quality of information that informs our health policy decisions. I am also intrigued by the drama of the political process....

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