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Though I LOVE to dance, I have to admit I am not usually the “let’s all do the same moves to this particular song” kind of dancer. Perhaps the fact that I don’t learn dance moves easily…ok, if at all….makes me reluctant to keep trying.

That said, I have had a lot of fun with Beyoncé’s “Move Your Body” video for Let’s Move!, which was released in April 2011. Though I can’t…yet…do all of the moves, I can definitely keep moving the entire time. And, once I hear the music, I want to!

The creators of this video did a great job combining elements in just the right way to attract attention and encourage dance/movement. Beyoncé is an international superstar with fans who pay attention; The music is infectious; Beyoncé and the other dancers are energetic; The moves are fun and (were) current; and the lyrics are encouraging. It is no wonder that this video attracted millions of views and inspired thousands of similar, local group dances.

Browning High School (Great Falls, Montana) students and staff dancing to Beyoncé’s “Move Your Body” music video, September 23, 2011. First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! Campaign. (credit: Claire Worth)

Kudos to Beyoncé for collaborating with First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign and the National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation to produce this “workout.” Not only did Beyoncé star in the video (a remake of her “Get Me Bodied” track), she helped promote the campaign, in part, by surprising groups (like the one pictured here) at their own “Move Your Body” events. What a great way to have a positive impact!

Behind the fun and excitement of this video, is a serious effort to address a very serious health problem: childhood obesity. First Lady’s Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! initiative (launched on February 9, 2010) is motivated and supported by serious and real public health, medical, education and other data and experts. See the Let’s Move! website’s “Learn the Facts about Let’s Move! section for statistics on the childhood obesity epidemic, (e.g., The fact that one in three children in the U.S. is overweight or obese.) the White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity Reports to the President, partnerships and more.

If you could create a new Let’s Move! “dance  as a fun workout” video, what song would you choose and why?

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