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One aspect of my public health training that I value highly is an appreciation and respect for a global perspective. As different as we can be, we are also all the same. We laugh. We cry. We suffer. We help each other.

Films like Hidden Pictures: a personal journey into global mental health by Delaney Ruston eloquently remind us of these themes…and more. Here’s a description from the synopsis on the film’s website.

“In Hidden Pictures Ruston takes us on her journey…uncovering deeply personal stories in India, South Africa, China, France, and the US. Powerful narratives involving bipolar illness, depression, schizophrenia and anxiety, show the universality o four seemingly different worlds.

Through arresting images and poignant verite scenes, the film explores questions such as how do families cope in countries where 80% of (the 450 million) people with mental illness go without treatment? What happens when cultural framing of mental illness conflicts with potentially more effective treatments? How can a person be involuntary hospitalized with no right to appeal, as is the case in hald the world?

The film ends with an exciting exploration of how people around the world are leading transformational programs to improve the mental health landscape….”

Learn more about mental health issues, policies and more from the World Health Organization (WHO)


image credit: WHO website

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