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TAKES: One of the disadvantages of the current podcast universe is that there is no one place to go online to find all of them. And, if you want to learn about (or be entertained by) something specific…forget about it. Sometimes a general browser search is not efficient enough.

To help experts looking for models and anyone looking for engaging and informative takes on public health, health care, health services and health policy, I present the NEW website “Health Podcasts – On Point.” Check out these resources and recommend some we missed.

And, to get started, check out the table below…


  • Thanks to folks who shared examples on LinkedIn and Twitter in response to an earlier post. And, if you know of other examples, please share them below or on social media. 
  • Each podcast on Health Podcasts – On Point has some focus on public health, including health care, health services and health policy. Yes, there are many more great podcasts that have awesome episodes with this focus….probably too many to list. You are welcome to share links to podcasts with some focus and to specific episodes, too. Though they may not make it to that website, I may feature them in this blog.
  • BONUS – Check the sidebar for podcast networks and communities. And, as always, please share links to new ones.
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