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I LUUUVVV So You Think You Can Dance (FOX)! I watch the routines, and I am almost always moved in one way or another. I am awed by the dancers’ skills. I get into my own personal groove with some of the groovy routines and music. I admire the choreographers’ creativity and the dancers’ expression and dedication. I appreciate the variety of the routines and the success of the dancers and choreographers. I enjoy the show so much that I have joined every tour since my first one in 2008 (Season Four).

At least once a season, a choreographer conveys a story about real issues or challenges that has a health or public health component. Sometimes that angle is part of the choreographer’s focus and sometimes it is not. I especially remember choreographer Tyce Diorio’s Season Five “Breast Cancer Routine.” (See video below.) Though raising awareness about breast cancer was not Tyce’s primary intent (His routine was a tribute to a friend dealing with breast cancer.), that happened, too. It is wonderful that Tyce’s and the dancers’ (Melissa and Ade) art emotionally moved and inspired people in different ways.

SYTYCD Routine on Bullying – Season 10 (credit: SYTYCD show)

I would LUV to see projects in which the SYTYCD team collaborates with public health professionals to extend their impact even further. Wouldn’t it be great for  SYTYCD fans inspired to comment via social media or on their website in response to a routine to be connected to more information and tips? Contact me…or someone with similar training, SYTYCD! Sayin’.

Do dance routines inspired by real issues inspire you to want to know more or to do something (in addition to dancing)?

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